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There is an increasing human desire today to travel and explore as many places as humanely possible in one lifetime. Thanks to the ever expanding world of the Internet and social media, human beings today are much more aware of what lies beyond their own cities, states and countries. Today’s travelers demand greater variety and uniqueness in their travel experiences. Also, greater prosperity and technology is enabling certain people to work from anywhere, anytime, thereby facilitating greater flexibility, travel and leisurely activities.

Yet, technology is also responsible for certain people losing their jobs to automation and therefore looking for alternative careers to make a living.

TourPeer.com is an online service offered by BodhiMinds, Inc., a California, USA based Corporation, where we strive to bring cutting edge technology to enable memorable experiences for world travelers. We operate with a core mission to bring technology and education to indigenous locals around the world so that they can transition into alternative careers in the travel industry and support their families. We like to partner with local tour guides, artists, adventurers and travel experts to bring out truly unique tours and experiences.

At Tourpeer, locals around the world are only limited by their creativity. We enable users to make an extra income doing what they love to do. This is for anyone who has a passion for travel and a loving desire to meet-n-connect with travelers.

We give you the tools. Creativity is yours. Possibilities are endless!


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