Guidelines for Listings and User Profiles

Here are some guidelines we would like our users to adhere to, when creating their user profiles and/ or travel listings within the TourPeer online platform:

1. A professional user profile: Within your user profile, make sure to include a proper, accurate description about yourself (or your Business), including a valid picture. This will ensure that the customers can know you well before making a booking.

2. No contact information or abusive language: DO NOT include any abusive words, ill-language, your contact information (such as phone, email address, website address, etc.) anywhere in a User profile or travel listing’s title, description, pictures or elsewhere in the content. Anyone found violating this rule would be asked to make the required changes, and/ or we may remove such information from the listing on our own, without prior intimation.

3. Clear and meaningful title: Travel listings need to have a clearly well-defined title that captures the central essence of what the tour is all about. Instead of just saying something like “One day trek” in the listing title, it would be helpful to include the name of the place where trek is going to happen, duration of the trek and some other adjectives that grab the attention of readers and potential customers. For example, “One day trek to Machu Picchu in Peru with an experienced travel guide” would be a much better listing title than just a “One day trek”. Such titles are not only great for potential customers to understand what you are offering, but also very helpful to get your listings easily found in Google and other search engines.

4. High quality, copyright free images: Within listings, please make sure to include at-least 2 to 5 pictures depicting the actual place or experience that the customers will get to enjoy. More the pictures, the better! Pictures should be high resolution so that customers get a clear idea about the experience being offered. Also, pictures should be either your own or taken from established sources that give you the right to use them as needed.

5. Accurate, detailed descriptions in?the?listings:? All listings should include a detailed description of the tour or experience being offered by you. Misleading, incomplete or inaccurate descriptions can not only prevent potential customers from booking tours with you, but can also lead to potential conflicts and refund requests later on. Hence, we expect all listings to describe in detail what is being offered, what places will be covered, what is the price being charged, duration and location of the tour, what kind of experience the customer can expect, and so on and so forth.

For a tour spanning multiple days, we would expect you to clearly describe a detailed itinerary of the plan for each day, including the time and location of every activity, what would be done at that time, etc. If there are any food, stay or transportation included in that package, then that should be very well defined and clearly communicated.

6. Additional details needed in listings: Additionally, all listings must also have the following sections clearly filled out:

  • Meeting or Pickup Location for the customer
  • Average Tour duration or minimum time period that needs to be booked by the customer
  • If the tour includes a transportation being provided by the tour provider, then clearly call out what kind of transportation will be offered, how many people it can seat in it, etc.
  • Clearly call out what is included in the tour and what is NOT included in the tour
  • Our platform accepts bookings only via online channels such as credit cards, debit cards, PayPal etc. However, if there is a need for foreign tourists to carry some local currency in cash (for things like an entrance fees to a museum or park, etc.) then clearly call that out in the “Local cash needed, if any” section of the listing.
  • Choose only the relevant checkboxes within Type of Tours and Languages Spoken section of your listing. Marking a checkbox against all filters is misleading to customers and hence we advice caution.
  • If the tour or experience has certain limitations or restrictions that the customer should be aware of, then you need to call that out in the relevant section of the listing. Things like “smoking not allowed” or “no wheelchair assistance available”, etc. need to go in this section.
  • Our default refund and cancellation policy is listed at the following location: We recommend all providers to review this policy and see if it aligns well with your individual Business. However, if there is anything additional or different that you want the customers to be aware of and comply with, with regards to refund and cancellation policy, then that can be clearly called out in the “Cancellation Policy (if different from TourPeer default Policy)” section available in every listing.

7. Using Inbox functionality for customer communication:?Potential customers can easily contact you via Inbox functionality we have in our platform. The logs of your entire conversation are stored in your Inbox at TourPeer. These logs are accessible to you, the customer and our site admins. This improves the customer experience on our site, and also helps us to track back a conversation in case of any conflicts, refund requests or other issues that may arise after the requested tour/ experience has been completed. Hence, we strongly discourage providers to share their personal contact details directly with the customer via listings or user profiles. All communication should be handled within your TourPeer Inbox.

Conclusion: Finally, in the best interests of our customers and other providers, we reserve the right to change, alter or completely close any listing(s) being offered on our website if it does not comply with above general rules. Also, if someone is deliberately trying to mislead customers and/or violate our terms time and again, then we reserve the right to completely ban that user from our platform without any prior notice, whatsoever.

We expect our users to show mutual respect, common sense and work towards betterment of their services and offerings to the world. We sincerely hope that you would understand our commitment to the overall well-being of this platform, so that it can help make the world a better place by bringing travelers closer to the “real world, authentic experiences” that are being offered here.

If any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reach us at info @ We will do our best to help resolve any issue you are facing and in a timely manner.


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