Regardless of the type of service you are offering, account creation and tour/experience listing with us is free, and will always be. You pay us only when you get a sale.

Below are the three levels of service charges we apply to tours and experiences based on their selling price.

Free Plan

If you are offering a free tour or experience to your audience, then we do not charge you any processing fees. Free from you, is free from us as well.

Paid Plan

If you are offering a paid tour or experience to your audience, and you get a sale through our platform, then we charge a flat 20% fees as our service charge. This charge includes the online payment processor fee and TourPeer service fee.

Cashback Plan

If you join us as a sales partner and share your tours and experiences with your friends and audience, then any sales occurring as a result of that promotion would earn you a 10% referral commission from us. This means that even if you promote your own tours and experiences with your audience but someone else’s tours get booked on our platform, then you’d still earn a 10% referral from us. In a nutshell, you can earn with us even if you don’t get a booking yourself. This is what we call community-focussed collaboration. Isn’t this great?


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