10 best things to do in the Sacred Valley

Machu Picchu is indeed one of the most loved and appreciated destination of tourism, with as much abundance of natural beauty as much the architectural marvels it has. Just in the way to the Machu Picchu trek lies the sacred valley. As the name speaks for itself, it has been considered pure and sacred since ages. The sacred valley is a lush prosperity of the agricultural greens. It lies some 15 kilometers from Cusco.

Sacred Valley, till now has stored in its vicinity the remains and remnants of the Peru people. If you want to feel the genuine and authentic? Peru lands, this is the place to be. Many worthy remains can be seen scattered throughout the valley.

The valley’s enticing culture and the wise history makes the valley a favorite amongst all classes of people. And now when Machu Picchu is one of the new seven wonders of the world, it is obvious that the sacred valley has got much hype too. The sacred valley is also used by the trekkers to acclimatize for the ascent to Machu Picchu.

Let’s have a look at our favorite things amongst the wide array of things that you can do in the sacred valley.

1. White river rafting

The arena for whitewater rafting

Whitewater rafting is, without a doubt, one of the most loved adventurous activities around the world.?The crystalline water passing through the oars as you keep sailing through is a matchless wonder. But what’s special about the white water rafting activity in the sacred valley is the significance of the historical essence of the location.

Whitewater rafting options are open and available in Ollantaytambo. You get to raft through the historical wonders getting a vivid sight of the Inca remnants all your course of time.?The sacred valley is a sacred amalgam of nature, adventure, and culture.

Ride the waves once you do get the opportunity to be there, for an amalgam often makes a sacred place even more pious.

2. Exploring the town of Maras

Maras salt ponds located at the Urubamba, Peru

The town of Maras is an important link between the past and the present. It also signifies the taste and mannerisms of the inhabitants. Maras has a number of little salt ponds which were used for the evaporation of salty water and henceforth the accumulation of salt deposits.

The salt that would be formed here was transported to all of the Inca. The sight of these ponds is an art to look at. You can easily grasp how efficient the locals were and how abundant the lands have been.

3. Mountain biking

Mountain biking is another activity that is often ignored and underrated when it comes to the sacred valley and the Machu Picchu. It is an absolutely stunning way to stay healthy, test your guts and stamina and obviously learn something new. The crisp feeling of pedaling along the cliffs and terrains at a height or watching them above is all that the place offers.

Mountain biking is available in Tambomachay, Qenqo, and Pucapucara. You can also undertake it in the X zone. The magnificent sites and the maleficent dust paths are a lucid and pleasant combination.

4. Bungee jumping

The sacred valley also has in its vicinity, the valley of all the happening events, the action valley. The action valley is known for the center of South America’s highest bungee jumping.

Trekking the sacred valley is hitting numerous birds with a single stone. And smart people don’t miss opportunities like this.

5. Staying in the skylodge

Skylodge in Peru

The skylodge, inevitably is the emperor of all adventure activities and camping trips that you’ve undertaken until now.

Skylodges are basically lodges that hang high in the sky, as in off the cliff sides. This is genuinely the best option for staying, and for clicking panoramic pictures. Have the nest until you hit the sacred valley.

6. Ziplining

Ziplining in the sacred valley is also a part of the action valley tour. The zip line is a long 110 meters and the whole tour lasts for about 300 hours. You also get to do a jungle trek. If you have a deep love for jungle or maybe even the jungle book, go out and test your early man.

7. Exploring the remains of Moray

Moray, Peru

Moray is laid out in a pattern what we call an amphitheater pattern today. The scientists and researchers still don’t have a clue about what might the usage have been for the site, but nevertheless, it is an interesting place to be in.

There are only a few places and things on Earth which we as humans tend to like without knowing. Usually, we fear the unknown, but Moray is embraced popularly well. Some speculate it to be a gathering, some a test laboratory for crops or some for terrace farming. Speculations can be many, but the feeling of awe and wonder is regardless there.

8. Paragliding

Paragliding is yet another adventure that you can experience in the sacred valley. Turns out the sacred valley is not merely sacred after all. It is rather a lavish breeze of many a raised heartbeat. Anyway, adventure feeds the soul deeper than the culture or any other art for that matter. Paragliding is one such activity. Let the fear of wings and heights be ancient for you in these ancient lands.

Conquering your own fear might be the biggest aspect, but the mesmerizing scenery that you’ll see high up in the sky nowhere lags behind. Open your heart and adrenaline out with the sacred valley, and your mind might consider you sacred as well.

9. Shopping at the Pisac market

Colorful goods for sale in the marketplace in Pisac, Peru

The Pisac market is relatively a newer formation than the ancient remains and ruins here. The towns of Moray and Maras may have their fancy but a shopping place is just unbeatable. Pisa town is the gift of a Spanish man, constructed over an old Inca site. Well the achievement for Pisac is that it is the living culture here, with locals gathering for their produces and services.

The locals also bring in here with their agricultural yields, the indigenous art and crafts made by them. There’s no better place for landmark shopping of the sacred valley than the Pisac.

10. Tasting the Inca Cola

A rusty Inca kola delivery truck parked at rest stop in the desert of northern Peru

The Inca cola is the heart and soul of the Peru people. It is something of their own and for them specifically. It was first of all introduced by Jose Robinson Lindley. The Inca cola with live is known as the golden cola here and has a crystal olive color.

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