A visit to Ha Long bay, Vietnam

Ha Long Bay, Vietnam is one of the cheesy sparkles in the mystiques of Vietnam. It seems to be a conjoined point of beauty that borders China quite gracefully. It has about sixteen hundred dotted limestone isles and is a UNESCO world heritage site since 1994. The place is a bounty in biodiversity and has such a tranquil disposition to look at that it is frequently one of the most visited places in the world and has also featured in an immensely large number of movies.

If you want to add a grit of adventure and fun to your trip, make sure that you reach the bay with a one-hour long helicopter ride. The ride is as joyous as much intriguing and enchanting as the pleasant sight that you get to see underneath you.

What does a Ha Long Bay cruise cover?

The literal meaning of the name ?Ha Long? is the ?Bay of Descending Dragons?. The limestone islands which seem to decorate this bay are intricately and interestingly laden with a huge number of trees. There are some fascinating and fantastic caves here speaking up for the myriads of the natural creation. There is a cave, all made of woods, surrounded by ‘woods?, in the area of Grotte Des Island. You can find both human dwellers and the creatures of wild in these Serene islands. You can reach Halong bay through bus, train, airplane or a private car, though nothing beats the adrenaline roller coaster of a helicopter.

Is there any best time to visit Ha Long Bay, or is it accessible all round the year?

Ha Long Bay can be visited just any time of the year as you please, but it is advisable that depending upon the weather conditions and your choices, research prior to you book your cruise. Public holidays lead to a massive crowd reaching here and certainly the gregarious mass is going to love that, offseasons like September draw quite a few people and is a perfect time for the lovers and adventure seekers, though it is also a time when at times the weather rages in, yet it is usually safe and sound. The months of March to June provide the most splendid time to have a good time at the Ha Long Bay. December is my personal favorite for the place when it’s cold and a lot more aesthetic.

The best Ha Long Bay islands to check out first?

The most loved islands in the Ha Long Bay are Van Don island, Bo Hon Island, Quan Lan islands, Cat Ba island, Day Be island and Dau Go island. Van Don is an uninhabited island that will show you the best seascapes and landscapes of the bay. The most appreciable thing about Ha Long is that no efforts are being made to modernize it. The government is protecting the authenticity of nature well. Bo Hon is relatively a very active and busy island. There are some commercial cruises taking part here too. The cave of Hang Trinh Nu, which is also popular as the Virgin cave is the most famous place at Bo Hon. The place has some sacred aspects as well, with many folklores and tales singing of a maiden who was forced to marry an unwanted Mandarin under adverse circumstances. Some believe she turned into a stone image and some believe a stone relic was constructed paying tribute and respect to her. You’d love to be introduced to many aspects of nature and the legends and stories here. And the best way to get to know of these hidden stories is to have a local guide with you who’d verse the reality in the most realistic manner to you. Find one here


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