Annapurna base camp trek

Since the past times, the Annapurnas have been regarded as harsh and marvelous in the terrains they offer to the climbers. The Himalayas are heavens and also the renowned abode of the primitive Gods and goddesses. Annapurna is significant when it comes to the deities as the name itself is a synonym to the Devi, the goddess who provides food and nutrition. The Annapurna base camp is quite shorter when compared to the Manaslu or the Annapurna circuit trek. Climbing the glossy and serene heights of 4,130 meters with people from all over the world is an exhilarating as well as fulfilling experience.

Annapurna base camp is often alleged as being overcrowded, but despite everything it has the most astonishing sceneries and snowscapes, cascading gregarious waterfalls, rustling and blushing villages, heart touching mannerisms of the locals, lush rhododendrons, adventurous suspension bridges and of course, an unforgettable sight.

The journey begins from Nayapul, quite in close proximity with Pokhara. The vibes of the trek start scattering around once you come across the bridge of Modi Khola. Modi Khola accompanies you till the end of the base camp. Your Sherpa and Modi Khola, both won’t leave you alone in the journey of the most beautiful terrains and slopes of Annapurna.


The next stop is the village of Ghandruk.

Ghandruk is an intriguing place to be in. The place greets you with a huge map that outlines all the pleasant places for your stay. The unusual Machhapuchhre peak can be seen from the village and it is nothing but scintillating. It is a comical mountain which has the peak smiling like a fishtail. It’s perplexing how nature shows the diversity of life and life forms through its own art. Question anything and you’ll be answered with yet another surprise.

From Ghandruk, we head to the village of Chomrong. Annapurna base camp trek is a marvel of the Nepali lifestyle woven elegantly into the mighty Himalayas. You get to see a pleasant array of birds here and another fine aspect is the great sanitation facilities available here. It is one of the cleanest treks of the world. Nature is never more beautiful when it is kept with reverence and love, something which is there in each and every step of Annapurna. We Nepalis don’t just call our mountains Gods and Goddesses, we also treat them like one.

Chomrong is also special in its cuisine mix-ups. Fascinating bakeries, delicious Italian dishes, beef steaks make you feel at home. The place has an amalgam of many cultures and is quite an indulgent place.

Chomrong is also the last village of this trek. Now you’re out in all wilderness with occasional tea houses and tales of the Sherpas. The oak forests, lush bamboos, and the pretty rhododendrons take your hand towards the further adventures.

The next destination is Dovan. And then there is Deurali. The distance between Dovan and Deurali is 800 meters, but these 800 meters are going to be among the most loved moments of your life. Giant mountains and talking waterfalls surround you all over and you can’t stop but want to stay in between them forever. It’s interesting how every tourist talks about making a home in the mountains after coming here. This region is also a beloved of Marijuana.

Now, the steps after Deurali witness a total change in the scenery. Now you’re a guest of the stiff blue mountains.

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Modi Khola is still by your side with the gigantic mountains on both sides.? Annapurna base camp has a plateau-like built and has Fang’s peak, the Annapurna massifs and the Annapurna South around it. You can have a glance of the Annapurnas and this mere look at the range will speak for itself why is the most fearsome mountain range in the world. Yes, Annapurnas have the distinction of being the toughest terrains in the world.

It’s ironical how Annapurna base camp is easier than the Everest base camp but the whole journey is so much more demanding. One of the basic preparations that you need to do in advance for Annapurna is brisk walking, maintaining basic health and taking care of the altitude sickness and other health ailments that you might be having. Dryness and proper toiletries are also something that shouldn’t be forgotten at any point.

A lot of people head ahead to the Pool hill for having yet another lovely sight of the Annapurnas. The Annapurnas also have a distinction of being a sanctuary as they house quite an amazing diversity of the Flora and fauna. The whole world and UNESCO swear by it. The Annapurna base camp is not as steep as Manaslu and therefore is quite easy on your knees. This trek also has a spiritual side, just like all the other treks of Nepal. The traditional vibes of the Gurung and Magar people at every nook and corner, walking along with you on the trek is relaxing as well as a learning experience.


Annapurna is our Devi and our pride. Time can change, but Annapurna will still feel the same.


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