Hanoi: The ville d’histoire

Hanoi is the revered capital of Vietnam. Just like every other city and capital, it is prestigiously marked by an array and lane of buzzing traffic horns and drapes of modernity. Almost half of the traffic is caused by the blazing and honking tour buses. You can only imagine the splendor of Hanoi in the minds of the tourists with this fact.

Hanoi has a plethora of pleasant options for tourists. There’s delicious and fulfilling street food which is absolutely one of a kind, there is a prevalent glimpse of the traditional culture and customs of the Vietnamese and obviously the decently complex history which is the main trademark of the tourism industry here. Vietnam has distinct and vivid depictions of the colonialism and the impact of wars on its lands open for your exploration and discovery. It is a cozy place with an opportunity for you to learn a lot about the past and what it taught Vietnam, changing it to the way it is at present.

Hanoi has, in the past, survived the French and Chinese trying to root their grip on its lands and also it has emerged out victorious and clear from the mess of American war. Consequently, it has an affluent treasure of cultures and diversity. In fact, the place also has excavations older than the medieval period, making it a treat to explore. There are some amazing extravagant museums which will show some extremely astonishing and beautiful dragon heads. You can also explore the Vietnamese past war headquarters at D67 Tunnel and House, not doctor House’s house, of course. (You’d get it if you have ever watched the show).

While talking about the history of Vietnam, no one can dare forget ‘Uncle Ho?, a man who fought and fought for the unification of a free Vietnam. An interesting aspect is that, in his mausoleum, you’re not allowed to talk, take pictures or even keep your hands in your pocket. A distinct way to keep the identity and memorial alive for the Noble man. This is really appreciable as the mass must know not only their deities but the people who were sent by deities for their liberation and upheaval. The place is only open on weekends and Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.

You can also visit the women’s museum which showcases the attributes and sacrifices given by the women to Vietnam. The government is really considerate to have it opened here so that no valor of HER go unnoticed and unapplauded. We must know of the women who did a little lot more than just bringing up men of courage, but who themselves chose to be the pillars of courage.

Hoan Kiem lake and the lakeside is an intimately serene place with a delicate peace and prosperous serenity all around it. Watch the Tai chi sessions going along to see the real vigor of Vietnam. The hotels in Hanoi are well aware of the lure that the place has on tourists, and so they’re well equipped with the spas and sauna facilities for the best of your relaxation. Make sure to know the place and its etiquettes well and stay along them to enjoy it to its optimum. After all, relaxation comes from a way traveled through limits and regulations. If you want to see the nature in its most virgin, peaceful and adamant glory, you can go to Ha Long Bay from Hanoi. The helicopter ride is one of the most fantastic means to reach the place.

The best options in the cuisine here are the roasted pork and noodles in a healthy and warm broth. The coffee and the bakery goods are also the best here. Make sure you try the vanilla coffee and the egg coffee mousse here, the ‘ca phe trung?, a delicious blend of egg whites and espresso.

Hanoi is a confluence of lakes, food, pagodas, and history all lurking into happiness and joy through modernity. Join us for a memorable visit to the place.


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