Lake Nakuru : The pink lake in Kenya

Lake Nakuru, popularly known as the Pink Lake is a kind of rift valley soda lake in Kenya. The Lake Nakuru National Park is a major tourist attraction in Kenya and the Masai Mara Safari.

This soda lake draws in an enormous number of flamingos which makes the whole lake appear pink. A number of baboons, warthogs, other birds and mammals also line the shore.

A hyena standing on the shore of the lake, with a flock of flamingos in the background

The lake, due to the courtesy of the pink flamingos seem to be outlined by a thick glistening pink border. Not only is it a lovely sight, but the lake itself is an enchanting place to visit.

The Nakuru lake, indeed, is a heaven for all the birdwatchers.

Best time to visit for a flamingo watching tour: January and February

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