Top 6 national parks in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka has a profusion of culture and an affluent past. It is believed that Ravana had this country made up of gold. Well Sri Lanka might not have gold in all its constitution now, but it certainly has a cornucopia of wildlife. Sri Lanka is not merely culturally blessed, it has quite an astonishing geography too. It has miles and miles of rivers surrounded with astounding seas and oceans. The island country is considered one of the most rich endowments of biodiversity in the world and is a pilgrimage for many a natural parks and sanctuaries. The beauty of Sri Lanka is not bound by the geographical isolation it might seem to have, it has an abundance of everything. You can enjoy yourselves at the beaches or learn more about faith and religion in one of the temples, you can indulge yourself in certain adventure activities or you can just go and let yourself unleash on the wilderness of Lanka as you watch the wild beasts in their habitat, galloping and fluttering.

Once popular as the red lands, and then the lands bowed down with civil war, Sri Lanka has, like its wildlife dramatically immersed out of every obstruction and obstacles that nature or mankind faced. After all it’s the land blessed by the Gods themselves.

Horton plains

The chief charm of this national park is that it is the highest altitude national park in Sri Lanka. A national park, and that too with altitude, it has the whole right attitude for you to head on an intriguing and amazing hike.

The most beloved trek here is the trek to the end of the world, and is a memoir in its own tracks. The journey begins with these plains set up about 2000 metres above the sea and you pass through the sides of brookes and their falls.

Sri Lanka can be said, indeed, as one culinary land which has the right amount of art, wild, nature and culture beautifully spread like the tresses of one most beautiful maiden. It might have a teardrop shape, but it rarely invites one.

Pigeon island

Pigeon island is the most sought after destination for the diving lovers. A marine national park, it is a collection of two islands having a whole populous tribe of rock pigeons.

The only problem with this place is just like the pigeons, the humans also crowd its solace a lot and if you’re looking for an isolated trip or are even a bit of claustrophobic, this is not the place for you.

On a trip to Pigeon island, you’re likely to see rainbows inside the water as there are a lot of gregarious and fun colored fishes all around, you can also see the turtles and the black tip reef sharks and yes, the coral reef.

Yala National Park

Yala National Park is the Everest of all the national parks in Sri Lanka. No, not the highest, but the most popular and visited park. This is the real treasure if you’re one of the wildlife lovers out there. The animals roam around, carefree and freely and Yala is most loved for its leopards.

Another speciality of Yala National Park is that it has both coast and jungle in its vicinity, though not all of it is accessible to the public.

The diverse and lively bird life here is commendable, by even the disbelievers of nature.

You can see the elephants, sloth bear, deer, buffalo and a huge variety of animals and birds as well.

Wilpattu National Park

The best part about its location is that it is quite near to the city of Anuradhapura, a world heritage site. It is also one of the regal lands, amazing to know that once the royal Sinhalese lived here and now the kingdom of jungle and birds.

The park has a number of tanks for the beautiful myriad of birds here and people can also invite themselves to overnight camping here.

Just imagine the morning after the camp night, when you wake up with the voices of birds chirping and singing all around you, not one caged or in pain. These are the places where you realise how dear freedom is to everyone, even for your unrequited love and chores.

Minneriya National Park

Minneriya is a site where the elephants come in all their companies and in fact, it is the largest meeting area of these giants in Asia. It also has a water reservoir where this meeting happens, and the elephants rejoice and refresh.

You can go for a safari and enjoy the innocence and Valor of these animals.

You can also see the monkeys, peacocks and the crocodiles, but the chief attraction here is the hundreds of elephants bathing in their natural sense without being cropped in chains and with humans above them.

Sinharaja Forest reserve

Sinharaja Forest reserve has the rare distinction of being a world heritage site along with a national park. About half of the endemic species of Mammalia and butterflies which reside in Lanka are found here. You can also see a wide variety of reptiles and native insects. Some of the rarest amphibians also make themselves home here.

A tropical rainforest is always an alias of evolution, and it is a mystique indeed to find the various phylums of arthropods, amphibians, reptiles and then mammals, a journey towards speciation and evolution that might have occurred in the past. Sri Lanka, anyway is an archaeological bliss with remains of long forgotten past.

Life had begun in the seas, and then it had developed and matured with time and mutations, and habitats and habits, and Sri Lanka has kept in its eyes an imagery of all that ever happened.

Sri Lanka is wild and yet developed, culturally rich yet ahead. Visit the national parks, keeping in mind the places nearby and far.


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