Pak Ou Caves: the tale of four thousand Buddhas

The caves have an eternity of the beginning of life and liveliness inside them. We are well aware of the fact that civilization commenced with the man living inside the caves, using these dwellings as an abode. The early men made them affluent too, with paintings, caricatures and hundreds of drawing. Many species in wild still live inside these caves, and so do the revered and pious sages and monks. Due to this, we can expect the caves to be associated with a historical splendor or cultural riches. Similar is the tale of the Pak Ou caves.

The Pak Ou caves, Laos contain in themselves an enormity of holiness and historical heritage. It has about four thousand idols of Buddha and is a very respectful river shrine.

It’s beautiful and noteworthy to know that the rivers are not just the soul of civilization, but also of culture and religion. If the earth is a body, rivers are, without a doubt, the conscience. The caves are located at a beautiful confluence of Mekong river with the Nam Ou river. The images of Buddha are present in the Pak Ou caves as in bestowing the tale of Buddha with his various moods and stages of life, from the beginning to attainment of Nirvana.

There are upper and lower caves, with the upper caves possessing quite steep slopes. Be careful when climbing up in the darkness and moist surroundings. The elderly and unfit are often advised against climbing up and need to satiate themselves with the lower caves.

Quite close to the caves lies the village of Xang Hai, a remarkable place for remarkable quality of the wine. The locally produced whiskey and wine is very much affordable and appreciable. The other close by villages have enormously beautiful and soothing wooden homes with a serene and aesthetically pleasing view of nature. You can enjoy the warm food and the splendid delicacy of nature and rest here. You can also meet and bond with the locals and get to know the customs and stories a little better.

Location: About 25 kms from Luang Prabang

TripAdvisor ratings: 3.5/5


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