Private city tour of Marrakech

The fourth largest city of Morocco, Marrakech or Marrakesh has a lot to offer. It is culturally rich, heritage significant and a global tourism site, particularly loved by the French.

This tour is conducted by a local guide who can customize the tour as per your preferences.

The tour includes a visit to (without customization) :

  • The Palais de Bahia-

The palace, Palais de Bahia is a brilliant example of stunning architecture and serene gardens. The tranquil courtyards and impressive mosaic walls are a treat to both the eyes and heart. The palace is huge with some extremely lavish yet gorgeous tiles and an intriguing history. It?s like a giant maze enclosing a plethora of art pieces and tales.

  • The Jewish Quarter-

The Jewish quarters with its traditional souks is one of the most delightful heritages of Marrakesh. You can take a glimpse of the few synagogues that are till date functioning in Mellah. The most prominent one is Salat El-Azma. You?ll find a number of pictures, art pieces and scriptures narrating the story of the Jewish past. The Jewish cemetery and the Saadian tombs are among the chief attractions.

  • Spices and Argan oil-

The souks of the Jewish quarters in Marakkech have a lot to offer. From the sweetest to the strongest of the spices, the aromatic wonders to the liquid gold, the argan oil. You can also find rhassoul clay and the black soap or you can just enjoy looking at the plethora of the local produces. But no matter what you choose to indulge yourself in, you won?t be disappointed. Have fun bargaining and strolling around the lanes.

  • The Koutoubia mosque

Designed in the traditional Almohad style, the mosaic work of the Koutoubia mosque is gleamingly glorious. The surrounding gardens are innocuously detailed and incredibly beautiful and charming. The minarets of the mosque can be seen from anywhere in the city.

  • The Djemaa el-Fnaa

You can drink some fresh pressed orange juice while observing the snake charmers, henna tattoo artists, and water sellers. You can enjoy the magnificent souks and the scintillating array of display here. This is also the best place to taste the authentic Moroccan cuisine and clothing. A fascinating adventure, especially if you love to bargain.

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