Top 10 things to do in Egypt that will make your holiday a souvenir

Egypt is a bountiful basket of past and culture. And in this basket lies the most scintillating gems and jewels embellished in a wave of gold dust. Deserts can be considered harsh and an omen for comfort, but dare question Egypt and it will speak mightily merely with the structures it has kept still in its sands.

Who hasn’t heard of Cleopapp.tra? And of the pyramids? I doubt if any decently educated person would disagree.

The giant pyramids are proof of the glamour and glory of the Egyptian civilization. If the death of a pharaoh is mounted in such magnanimous structures, imagine how incredibly generous the celebrations of life would have been in Egypt.

It is somewhat apparent that anyone heading for an Egypt tour has?a bit of love for history and lust for curiosity in him.

Well, there are really enormous things that you can do in Egypt, here is a collection of our favorite things to do in Egypt for those who love to make their memories a souvenir.

1. Exploring the submerged city of Heracleion

There is an unexplainable joy of discovering the unexpected and unseen, especially when it proves some of our beliefs right. Similar is the story with the lost and submerged cities. Sometimes cited in tales and epics, the discoveries make us believe in these age-old tales again. The city of Thonis- Heracleion is one such example.

The underwater remnants include the ruins of a gigantic temple of Amun Gereb, tall statues and a large number of gold coins. Turns out the treasure hunt in the movies we have grown up watching near the pyramids and seas are not totally fictitious.

The submerged city is traced to be about 2,300 years old and the reason for why it was submerged is still questioned and unsolved.

2. Watching the snow white Cemetery:?Zawiyyet al-Mayyiteen

The cemetery Zawiyyet al- Mayyiteen is one of the unique places to visit in Egypt. The literal meaning of the name is the city of the dead. Egypt has the most beautiful depictions and embroidered architectures for the dead and death.

The visitors though have clothing restrictions here, as the cemetery is still in function and a little modesty is expected and accepted.

You can see innumerable white domes here, sparkling in a conical shape making the whole Cemetery look piously beautiful and quiet. The cemetery was used both by the Muslims and the Christians. Another aspect of Egypt.

3. Offering your greetings at the Hathor temple

The Hathor temple is about two thousand years old and a spectacular place to visit in Egypt. The temple is divided into three zones: there’s is a main temple dedicated to Hathor, beside it is the temple of Isis and the birthing temple stands in the front.

The temples had once upon a time served as a safe haven for the desert people seeking shelter from the enemies. The traces of the plight of locals can be still felt and seen in these temples.

You will need a professional guide though if you want to visit the temple.

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4. Paying a visit to the About Simbel temples, yet another religious wonder

The Abu Simbel temples are magnificent and equally mesmerizing to behold. The temples were built at the time for showcasing the might and strength of the rulers of Egypt. It has some remarkable portrayals of the valor and glory of the pharaohs.

The temples are built in such a manner that on the days when the sun is at its glory, the sculptures seem as if gleaming with a golden beam.

Undoubtedly, the architects of past were much more advanced than those of today, the proclaimed advance times.

5. Sniffing the past at the Badr Museum

The Badr museum is a tribute to a great Egyptian artist of the same name, Badr Adgel Moghny. The unique thing about the artworks of Badr is that he uses the materials found in nature, those in abundance yet overlooked, like the mud, the sand, and stones.

Badr mostly depicts the cultural and traditional essence of the Oasis life in his artworks. This shows his fondness for both his tradition and his deep-set love for the oasis life. The traditional pomp and the present day mass, both show enough gratitude towards the man’s devotion for his art.

Even the museum, you’d be surprised to know is his own creation. Yes, he has built the structure himself with the assistance of the mud bricks.

Address: Al Farafra, New Valley Governorate, Egypt

Phone: +2-09-27-51-00-91

6. Watching the remnants of the Colossi of Memnon

The colossi of Memnon has a strange and unique story attached to it. To the locals’ intrigue, these structures produce an unusual, melodic sound at times. The cause of this Melody is the effects of nature on these statues.

Long back, around two thousand years ago, the statues were damaged by an unforgiving earthquake. And even today when the dew drops get settled in the cracks, the sun rays produce a distinct sound in it. The outsiders from Rome and Greece tributed it to the legendary warrior, “Memnon”.

There are two statues which are the last of the ruins left behind of a temple that once stood boastfully guarded by the Colossi.

7. Taking a tour of the Giza Pyramid complex

A visit to Egypt is incomplete and empty without having a crisp and complete tour of the pyramids. After all, these are the real singers of the grace and glory of ancient Egypt.

Giza Pyramid Complex is a set of six pyramids, situated in a westward direction to Cairo. For knowing the stories well preserved and narrated regularly about them, you need to come here with an experienced guide.

8. Bowing to the Marvel: the wonderful sphinx of Giza

We have all read, heard about and watched the great sphinx of Giza. Sphinx is a splendid creature from the age-old legends and tales that has a body comprising of an amalgam of a human and a lion. The theories behind the building and significance of the Sphinx is still unknown.

Maybe it was just a sign of showing that the Pharaohs had the might of a lion. Or maybe they just adored Lions a lot. Well, that is the thing with fantasy and past, all are open to millions of stories and cocktails.

9. Shopping at the souks of?Khan el-Khalili

A souk refers to a traditional marketplace or bazaar. Khan el Khalili is located at a significant site in terms of historical perspective. It is present at the place of a mausoleum which was built in the tenth-century common era.

It is a vivant and jubilant market place, incredibly similar to the souks of Morocco. There are local merchants, restaurants, and cafes and also a number of vendors selling their likes and produces.

This is the place where you can buy souvenirs for friends and family.

10. Visiting the Luxor temple

Luxor temple is a brilliant sparkle of the Egyptians’ skilled manpower of the 1500 century BCE. It is dedicated to the Thebans, just like the Luxor Museum. The temple was a site of Royal renewal and can be seen as fresh as it was thousands of years ago.

Although there is no end to the amazing things to do in Egypt and the marvelous experiences to live, these are the most intriguing ones as we feel. Do let us know yours in the comments section below.

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