Top 10 things to do on a Buenos Aires trip

Buenos Aires is the pride of South America. Though there’s not a single lovely sight on earth than the falls at Iguazu, Buenos Aires is the whorl, the nest for all. It is the most popularly visited town in South America and even though surrounded by many a bliss of nature miraculous achievements, it still holds firmly on its charm. The city is around five centuries old in its architecture and fashion and has a splendid fusion of architecture with a living culture. Buenos Aires is also the impulse of the sensuous and the dance lovers, having Tango totally embellished and embedded in its nooks and corners.

Let’s have a look at our favorite top 10 things to do on a Buenos Aires trip:

1. Sniff the Tango

Buenos Aires with its opulent charm and class, culture and architecture also boasts of one more glitter to the world’s arts. And that ladies and gentlemen, is Tango. Yes, and once you’re here, you just cannot afford to miss learning it with your partner or simply watching it if it’s a no adventure trip.

An asado along with a performance of Tango is just impeccable and an unforgettable experience. If you’re among the privileged few, you ought to have it together. Just as an asado is to food, the milonga is to tango. And in both cases, there are places in dozens waiting for your arrival and brewing a fine evening together on your Buenos Aires trip.

You can go to La Glorieta, which is a milonga arena housing open-air events during the weekends.

Address: 11 de Septiembre 1901, C1428 CABA, Argentina

2. Ride it like a Gaucho

We all know it well, at least those who have studied geography quite faithfully that Argentina equals the Pampas. And the Pampas, for further knowledge equals the estancias. Estancias? Yes, estancias are the local ranches and the place to be if you like the horses and the cowboys. Or if you ever wanted to a cowboy.

The influence of cowboys all around the world can be traced with the instances of abundant usage of the cowboys for a cigarette and other masculine advertisements once the television and print media had begun.

A ranch is not just an everyday farm like built, it is a complete pool of entertainment. Lots of ages old red wine, grilled meats, Gaucho acts and horse riding to be precise are there at your service. In this Buenos Aires trip, you can enjoy watching folk performances, karaoke, dances and I’ve, some expertise in horse riding.

The amazing breeds and ripped demeanor of horses are quite enticing too.

3. Go spooky at Recoleta Cemetery

Recoleta Cemetery is a handsome example of fine architecture and sculpting, and obviously, a delicate taste in the sculptures acquired from around the world. The cemetery gives peace to the most affluent section of the Argentinian society. ?The architectural style of the tombs has its roots from the present day fashion destinations like Milan and Paris. One can not expect anything lesser than elegance and vintage while visiting the cemetery.?

Liliana Crociati de Szasdak still lives popularly with the unusual and famous tomb embellishments and the tomb of the first lady Eva Peron is highly revered and people still offer flowers and prayers in her grace.

The cemetery also shelters some spooky and haunted tales for the paranormal enthusiasts’ delight.

Address: Jun?n 1760, C1113 CABA, Argentina

Timings: 7am?5:30pm

4. Gather for an asado

The people of Argentina love their culture, and with all hustle and bustle love their meat. Beef is the ultimate paparazzi here. Asado is nothing but the gregarious folks of Buenos coming together for a fine dining of a barbecue accompanied by the acts corresponding to the mood and the occasion.

It is said that beef is best enjoyed with red wine. Or the evergreen beer, but since you’re in Argentina, let’s do it their way and have the roasts softened in the aged red wine. You can head on to La Cabrera or the Cabana Las Lilas for amazing steak.

It would be quite pleasant if you behave a bit chivalric and have a basic understanding of the local language. After all, great foods do feel better with grasping linguists.

5. Boat ride at Tigre

Awkward yet appealing how we go to another county or country for rejuvenation and then keep sidelining it for visiting the destinations on the outskirts. The rivers and lakes seem to be everyone’s favorites.

And once you’re at Buenos, I would suggest you take a while off and not miss the Iguazu at any cost, but if you’re running late of time, you can make do with the river Tigre and its beautiful delta. The cost is quite low too. And the nearby places include the Puerto de Frutos, a bliss for the shopping lovers.

There are mostly three kinds of people, one at museums, another in the wild and others buzzing around the shops. And Tigre is the place to be for all the three. There are quite a few museums close in the vicinity, artists’ galleries and market and also some restaurants and clubs.

So just steak it out, or boat it out.

6. Learn at the Museos

Museums are the heart and core of Buenos Aires. For some, it is the reason behind their main attraction towards Buenos and for some, it is the major turn off, if the vehicle transportation and crossing borders regulations for outsiders are ignored.

The Museum of fine arts here, the Museo Nacional de Bellas Artes?is considered the ace in the world housing magical strokes of Picasso, Degas, and Monet.

Address:?Av. del Libertador 1473, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Timings:?11am?8pm ( closed on Mondays)

MALBA, The Museum of Latin American Art is yet another stupefying veil of art. It has both the creations from the Latin past and the Buenos present. Wednesdays are a fortune for visiting the MALBA as the entrance cost is half as compared to the other weekdays.

Address:?Av. Pres. Figueroa Alcorta 3415, C1425 CLA, Buenos Aires, Argentina

Timings:?12?8pm ( closed on Tuesdays)

7. Go colorful at La Boca

Until now, you’ve read about the seemingly pompous architecture and maneuver of Buenos Aires, making it a place with regal airs. But if you did wonder that where are the palettes of color and strokes of eccentric brushes here in this South American destination, La Boca is just the answer. It is not as quite vivid and lucid as the graffiti of Bogota, but it is still binding without the art.

La Boca is a jovial and vivant neighborhood of Buenos Aires with joyfully vibrant shades and moods of the locals. The buildings are brightly painted and the tango dancing is a happy asset of the streets here. It gives an immediate and impulsive sense of upliftment and optimism once you enter the area, and you can see the tourists all excited and cheesing bright for the photographs.

There is a colored Caminito street with artists beloved works and the Boca Juniors stadium, the Last Bombonera if you crave for more than the bright colors and dances.

8. Shop at the Ferias

The markets of Buenos Aires are lovingly called the hippie markets. The markets here are full of the local produce, the indigenous artworks and artists, silver chunky and funky jewelry which go decently with any kind of attire from any culture, fine pottery and a multitude of street performances. There’s Plaza Francia, markets around Tigre, Feria de Mataderos and more.

You can never have enough of markets in any given area, and yet you can never have enough of shopping. You can also have a little chit-chat with the local Craftsmen, artists or the hippies as according to your preferences and aspirations of your Buenos Aires trip. There are also some very nice restaurants and clubs around every marketplace here and some even have a lounge area and live music.

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9. Immerse naturally in the Botanical Gardens

For those who understand what I mean will know it when I say that I can visit places just for roaming around the Botanical Gardens or the sanctuaries there. Botanical Gardens are not just peaceful, they are the carriers of heritage, evolution, the past, the present and undoubtedly, the future too.

The Botanical Gardens at Buenos Aires are an extremely blissful place. You can enjoy solitude and walk amidst nature as you take a look at the marvelous sculptures here. Museum and nature-walk, two birds at once.

There is also a butterfly hall which has the saga of the lives of these little wonders. A number of fountains and a herbal garden beside?a greenhouse are the center of attraction here.

10. Feel the opera

Buenos Aires has the best center of opera in the world, the Teatro Col?n. It is around a century and a half old, and has, just like the red wine, got better with the time and experience. The tourists can enjoy the opera performances as well as majestic ballet shows with a fine-tuned orchestra and ambiance. Opera and ballet, both are the souls of the Latin and Western culture and it’s not unusual to witness some visitors crying after the performances.

Both the performers and the audience are seeming in synchronization with the tunes and moves once the show is being hosted. Natalie Portman couldn’t have portrayed the vibes better as her legendary act in the Black Swan.

The theater is seven storeys tall and host guided tours which commence every fifteen minutes. Awesome.

Address: Cerrito 628, C1010 CABA, Argentina

Capacity: 2,487


Buenos Aires is magnanimous in its way of hosting the guests’ heart. These are our favorite picks for a Buenos Aires trip, do let us know yours in the comments section below.

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