Top 5 temples in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a pretty porcelain of culture and the myriads of nature woven aesthetically into one. It has in its bayonet, a series of events that surpass time in their eternity, a struggle for independence, a home quarrel and with it a rare distinction of having the best Human Development Index in Asia.

This island country stands out in its promises of not giving you mermaids, but the unicorns of scenic satisfaction and a complete cultural manifestation. Sri Lanka has centuries of rivers and decades of waterfalls, with it being surrounded by water throughout its circumference. ?Water, water everywhere, it does have a drop to drink?, the ancient mariner would have loved it too if he visited Lanka.

This blog is not about the solicitors or the wonders of this place, but about the clouds showering faith and religion upon the people. Sri Lanka is also the heart of Hinduism, with the most prominent events of Ramayana being associated with the place, and also the preacher of many messages.

As quoted by Hidimba to Kunti, ? Both Ravana and Vibhishana were the sons of the same mother and lived and prospered in the same condition, and yet they remained ever so different?.

Sri Lanka doesn’t merely infatuate the believers of Hinduism or the people fascinated towards it, it also attracts people of all faiths to its Buddhist pollen, omnipresent in Sri Lanka and blossoming even before fourth century BC. Here’s an arcade of the most visited five temples of Sri Lanka:

P.S. Feel free to visit a sixth if you got the hours!

Gangaramaya temple

Most of the temples which reside in Lanka have one thing in common, and that is they’re as old as time and sometimes even older. The uniqueness of this temple is that it is relatively new and modern in its built. Once you enter the premises, you?ll see an immix of the Thai, Indian, Sri Lankan and Chinese architectural heritages. The best part about modern architecture is that it has lived the ages and years of all the marvelous old models, and has come out more refined and poise in its approach.

This temple was built on the moors and had cost a fortune, but seeing its eclectic impact, it feels felicitous. The gifts showered by the devotees is also at show, the elephant Ganga and the place has its own library and a museum. The ceremony of Vesak is incomplete without this temple being a part. The Simamalaka shrine was a tribute of a Muslim sponsor and is a gem along with the other places of Vihara Mandirya, the Seema Malaka, the bodhi tree and is an important center for the propagation of dhamma.

Sri Dalada Maligawa

Religion and Politics are among the oldest traits of civilization, and since the very beginning, they have walked hand-in-hand. The charm of this temple is that it has the relic of Buddha?s tooth and had the charisma to attract the reign. Whoever was in the hold of this relic, ruled the country. This temple is also so valiant in its antiquity and brilliance that merely because of this, Kandy is one of the acclaimed world heritage sites.

You can enjoy gazing at the water waves wall or watch the amazing intricacy of holes made for the lighting of coconut oil lamps. The casket in which the tooth is kept is a fine example of an excellent workmanship. Seven golden caskets, embroidered with gems take care of the noble tooth and have a built like that of a Stupa.

The temple will keep on mesmerising you, calming you and blessing you until you learn to soak them all at once.

Dambulla Cave temple

Places like this make you thank the almighty again and again. Once you are in, you will forget whether you came here to worship or to enjoy or to be grateful. The golden temple of Dambulla, as it is fondly called is one of the world heritage sites and a dear neighbor to Kandy. You can also visit the sacred temple of tooth relic nearby once you’re done with this cave temple.

It is the largest cave temple of Lanka and has about 80 caves, though your journey will suffice through just five of them. The caves have lively statues and paintings related to Lord Buddha and his life. Sri Lankan kings and certain other Gods and Goddesses including the Vishnu and Ganesha are also featured here.

The inner walls have the depiction of the evil Mara and his life and also the first sermon of the Lord.

A nearby place, Ibbankatuwa is a pre historic site and is one of the archaeologically protected sites in Sri Lanka.

Thirukketeeswaram Kovil

Thirukketeeswaram Kovil is a temple dedicated to the Mahadev, Lord Shiva and is couteseyed to be one of the protectors of the island from natural disasters. It’s noteworthy that Sri Lanka, which used to be the golden Lanka of Ravana has a special love for God Shiva. Ravana has been considered as the greatest devotee of Lord Shiva.

The beauty of the mainland in which it is situated and the calm and breezy waters are an intricate part of the temple. The gopuram of the temple is filled piously with joyful colors and will certainly make you smile in wonder. The Mahashivaratri festival celebrated here during February is an earthly heaven in its own being.

Wewurukannala Vihara Temple

Though a fest between the locals, and often neglected by foreign tourists, this is one of the most exceptional temples of Sri Lanka. The largest seated Buddha statue is here and is covered in scintillating tiles, mosaic and around. The temple also has an intense portrayl of the hell and the punishment that are brought upon those who commit various sins.

There are Hindu gods in one of the smaller buildings and the cave has the paintings of hell and its torments on the evil. The biggest mechanical clock of Sri Lanka is also residing in this temple, maybe a reminder to people to get on right tracks until there is time or they would too be suffering greatly in hell for what they commit.

No matter what be the purpose of your Sri Lanka visit, you’re going to fall in awe with these temples. Have faith and keep moving ahead!


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