Top Himalayan treks in Nepal

The Himalayas are fondly called the jewel of India?s crown, and the people here have worshipped it just as the cascade of purity and power. Geographically, this mountain range is pioneered as the highest mountain range and among the young-fold mountains. And which is what intimidates people all across the globe, some coming to it for their love and some to conquer their fears. The mighty Himalayas though, host all with its utmost warmth and gentleness. Spread across a total of five countries, these mountains are home to a number of graceful rivers, waterfalls and some of the most rugged terrains of the world.

Trekking is an activity, which I believe is the enhancement of self. And Himalayas offer the best treks ranging from easy to extremely difficult and green to white, if you understand what I mean. Honing 75% of the world?s highest peaks in its portfolio, the Himalayas are anything but mediocre. And though the Himalayas are eager for their visitors, the visitors need to be prepared as well. Getting acclimated to the height, the cold, the food and the isolation is not an easy task, no matter what it seems. But it, also, is not difficult when you?re well aware of the conditions you?re likely to face and yes, prepared.

In this blog, we bring you the best treks offered in the Nepal Himalayas and what makes them so-


The ?Pharaoh? of all the treks: EVEREST BASE CAMP (5364 m)

Duration- 15 to 16 days

This trek is not just a window to the gigantic Everest, but a mirror to a number of mountains around. This trek also has a fallacy of being monotonous as claimed by certain people. They say it has the same texture round and around. But does it? The reason why Everest is fancied is well known. Yes, it is the tallest brother around but with that, it also holds the honor of being life-changing for a lot of people.

From being a terrain which was believed to have no end to one which was considered unsurmountable to people with misfortuned physiques climbing it to show their will and strength. Undoubtedly, Everest has welcomed them all.

The journey begins with a flight through one of the most dangerous airports in the world, the Lukla airport. To pessimists, it will be a rugged start and to optimists, it will be a conquering start. And we all know that Everest is virgin for the pessimists. Keep yourself well fed, well hydrated and well behaved, and then this memoir with the palsy-walsy Sherpas will be the best you keep.

This trek to Kala Pathar is invigorating and is accompanied by various cozy tea houses, the glances of Lhotse, Nuptse, the Namche Bazaar clinic and slow heart throbbing walks. Also no matter how sick you feel, the sight outside will not let you spirits shrivel. The trek, despite all words and hopes, is not very difficult and you can even get through it without any prior trekking experience. The best seasons to embark are Autumn and Spring. Though, you can hit it in winters if looking for more adrenaline and challenge.

The ?Sher Khan? of all the treks- THE KANCHENJUNGA (5200 m)

Duration- 24 to 26 days

Now, this is a trek which will make your insides soar and your outsides sore. The mountain, worshipped in Darjeeling and Sikkim is one of the most ferocious terrains you?ll ever get on. Once renowned as the highest peak of the world, this mountain might have taken a position lower in meters but has turned out to be even more tenacious than the Everest.

This trek is also quite isolated as compared to other treks and involves a splendid indulgence of self in the remote villages, the sights of Mt Makalu and the wonderful Lapsang La Pass. The journey is glacial and tough, it requires all your gut might to be perseverant in the shades of Laxmi, Pokhari, Dzongri, the Rathong glacier, and well a lot more.

The rhododendron forests, the mahogany and the ivory shades, the specked smiling Nepalis and their simple wholesome food shall accompany you during the most of this trek. If your goal is to send your spines in a victory mode, you should choose this pristine heaven.

The Koktang, the Frey peak, the Kabru peak and all their accomplice bestow you their all their blessings and their best photogenic faces to you. The mountains always have a story to tell and they prefer you living that story instead of them having to narrate you. This one month trek will beat the best out of you and let the better take in.

Before finally attempting this trek, ensure you get your physique in peak form, for the will to reach to the top kneels somewhere before the will to prepare. Prepare and then meet the Kanchenjunga and earn its virtues.


The ?Chameleon? of all the treks: THE MANASLU CIRCUIT TREK (5,135 m)

Duration- 16 to 18 days

As this is a circuit trek and it keeps changing with every foot kept forward, it would be apt to call it Chameleon. This trek is one of the most diverse and remote treks you can experience in today?s time. I?ll suggest better go on this route until time and popularity take it over and make it crowded.

You will pass through ruggedness of various altitudes ranging from a minor 600m to about 5,135m. And this speaks for itself why it is both a delight and trouble. Altitude sickness will affect you more and get comfortable will be totally out of your comfort zone. A number of varying scenic beauties will accompany you through this trek. And kudos, a number of tea house lodges are being set up recently on the trail too.

You?ll also get to pass through the divine Larke pass. I always feel while passing through these routes that no geography teacher can ever match the caliber with which these paths teach and how we never forget it.

You walk through the apple forests, the carefree donkeys carrying goods on their backs and numerous rural and small cities. The horses and especially the yaks feel majestic and totally in contrast with the white and pastel buildings of the Nepali people.

You can only imagine until you go there, how the flying birds, the fluttering flags, the speaking crowds and the quiet cattle are embellished in these green, brown and icy white mountains. I am also in love with their dress up and the joy with which they welcome the tourists.


The ?Goddess? of all the treks- THE ANNAPURNA BASE CAMP (5,416 m)

Duration- 13 to 15 days


Annapurna translates as one of the forms of Goddess Durga who is ? the provider of food?. Well don?t go by the name, this is one of the most dangerous mountains of the world. But a trek to the base camp is certainly a lot lighter on your will.

Annapurna Base Camp trek is one of those treks which will make you want to go there again and again. The flying stairs, the bridges, the foggy surroundings and frequent waterfalls amidst all the shades of green at bottom and ice on the top will have you overflowing with the emotions.

You pass through the Sinuwa, Deurali and the Machhapuchhre camps until finally, you land on Annapurna.

One splendid stop on the down trek is the Jhinu natural hot spring. This is, without a doubt, the favorite part of most of the trekkers. All the journey is reminded again in conversations and memories as you let yourself soak in this warmth. It is said that these places take away all the wearings and tirings and rejuvenate you for further trails.

You can end your trip visiting Pokhara, one of the most happening places in the world, and then you can choose if you want to let your eyes taste the mesmerizing beauty in the surroundings or you want to take on other adventure trails, go bungee jumping, skydiving or more.

Welcome to the Himalayas. We guarantee you that no matter which trek you take, you?ll only climb further to your love towards us and if you don?t, we assure you, you soon will!

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