About Us: 

We are TourPeer.com, an online travel marketplace that connects local tour guides, artists, adventurers and travel agencies with domestic and international travelers looking for unique tours, activities & experiences. We are based out of California, USA.

About You:

  1. Are you a Hotel, Hostel, Car Rental company, Travel Agency or similar other Travel related Business? 
  2. Do you have a website where you'd like to offer your guests an opportunity to search and book local tours & activities?
  3. Do you want to generate extra income for your Business without having to do anything additional at your end?

If you answered a "Yes" to all three questions above, then refer the below details and see how we can work together to change local travel experiences around the world. 

You have a local presence, while we have the technology & tools. And together, we can make travel fun again!

How it works!

1. Get approved as an Official TourPeer Partner

Click the “Join our Partnership Program” button below to fill out your online application and help us understand a little bit about yourself. We will review your application to make sure we are a good fit for you. If everything looks ok, we will approve your partner account and you will get access to our online Partner Portal.

2. Help your Guests discover Local Tours & Experiences

Within Partner Portal, find multiple marketing materials to help your guests discover unique local tours & experiences offered by us. Beautifully designed call-to-action images, videos, emails, HTML codes & Social Media posts, all ready-to-use at the push of a button. No technical skills needed, simple copy and paste.

3. Get Paid by TourPeer on a Monthly basis!

When your friends, customers or guests click on your marketing materials, they are taken to our website. On our website, if they book a local tour or experience, we automatically credit that sale to you and pay you up to 5% of the booking amount as a referring commission. This money is paid out to you once a month.

Want to know more? Here are the details...

  1. If you are in travel business, you may already be helping your friends, customers and guests with recommendations on what local tours & activities to engage in during their stay in your city.
  2. In-fact, many Hotels, Hostels and other places hand out paper pamphlets/ brochures to their guests for local tours & activity recommendations. 
  3. This is not the best experience for your guests as most travelers today are technology savvy and prefer to lookup Information over the Internet using their handheld devices.
  4. Also, in most cases, this process does not offer you additional income and/ or transparency with regards to sales conversion for these local tours.
  5. This is where we can help! If you join us as a sales partner, your guests can search and book tours online, while we pay you a referral commission for every sale that is generated through you. This improves the online experience for your guests, while helping your Business generate additional income - a total win-win for you and your Business! And, all of this happens automatically, without you having to do any manual work at your end.
  6. Our turnkey process is able to automatically report every visitor who comes to our website through your partner referral tracking URL and credit you a referral commission any time there is a sale from your referred guest.
  7. You can easily track all your sales commissions, obtain marketing materials, referral codes, payment history, etc. from one common place - your TourPeer Partner Portal.
  8. On an ongoing basis, we create beautifully designed marketing materials such as call-to-action images, videos, email templates, HTML code snippets, Social Media posts & more, that already contain your referral codes built into them, ready to go!
  9. You can copy and paste these plugin codes into your website or send to your guests via emails, or simply share them on your Facebook & Twitter pages, and our software does the rest for you to track your visitors and sales.
  10. For those of you who'd like to have complete control on the size, color and images that show on your website, we have even built a "search widget builder" where you can create your own look-&-feel for the search forms. This widget builder will give you the code that you simply need to paste into your website (wherever you'd like) and you have a ready-to-use search box for local tours, activities and experiences. Click here for an example link to our search widget builder tool.
  11. For Hotels & Hostels, our code can be integrated into your website and exposed to your guests via WiFi as well (we will guide you). When your guests join your Hotel Wifi, they are taken to this webpage where they can search for local tours & activities. Any sales thereof, accrue you referral commissions on an ongoing basis.

For a limited time, we are offering straight up 5% referral commissions to all New Sales Partners. So hurry!


Need more time to decide?

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