We are TourPeer, an online travel marketplace that connects local tour guides, artists, adventurers and travel agencies with domestic and international travelers looking for unique tours, activities & experiences. 

How it works!

1. Create a Business Profile

Create a free account with us and setup a professional profile for your Business. You won't be charged anything for your account, ever!

2. List your Tour Packages

Create free listings for your tours and services. Upload as many pictures as you want to make your tours standout. No limits on the number of free listings you can create and upload with us.

3. Get Paid by Customers

Get discovered and connected with customers looking for local tours and services. Receive online booking and payments.

10 Reasons why you should join us today!

1. Joining our platform and creating a profile is free, and will always be.

2. Create as many tour listings as you’d like - no limits, no charges.

3. Get contacted by customers via built-in messaging and inbox interface.

4. Manage your daily or hourly availability using a built-in booking calendar.

5. Get paid automatically through PayPal or Bank Account upon receiving a booking.

6. We only charge you a small convenience fees of 7-10% when you get an actual booking through our platform. You pay us nothing till we pay you.

7. We are constantly evolving our technology roadmap. If you join us now, you pay no extra premium to enjoy all the cool new features in the coming days.

8. Having your own website alone is not good enough. Being listed on a marketplace gives you the advantage of getting found by customers looking for more options and price comparisons.

9. We are constantly working to market and promote your tours & experiences to the world, at no additional cost to you.

10. We listen to your feedback, issues & concerns, and co-collaborate with you to constantly add features to our platform that will work for you and your business.

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